Who we are

We are a team of electricians. We share one simple unifying mission; to improve your world. We connect the systems that make work and life simpler and safer. We offer a personalised service.

Aurablue has slowly grown into a diverse electrical service. We love learning and are constantly finding ways to do things better. We believe in developing our team so they can better serve. We reduce the energy footprint while still allowing a greater connection to the automated world. We deliver quality and value for you.

Aurablue Electric employees 9 team members comprising of 4 Licensed Electricians with over 60 years combined experience, an Electrical Apprentice with operational and administrative support staff. We have 5 service vehicles fully equipped and we utilize technology and smart devices to help with our service delivery.

We respect our customers, community, environment and team. We continually look at better ways to do things, look for new opportunities and innovations so you will benefit from our sustainable practices.