What We do?

Aurablue Electric electricians fix, install, rewire, connect and repair your electrics. We put people first. We work with businesses, workshops and factories, government and non-governmentorganisations and households in the Hunter. We improve the world you work and live in. Our solutions are tailored to you and your situation. We create safer environments, install new electrical devices, repair or improve what you already have or minimise your energy usage.

From the time you make contact with us, we listen and assist you. We’ll schedule a time to help and we’ll work with you for a personal solution.We discuss the job; throughout the project ensuring we test it works and is safe before we leave.

What we do to improve your world.

  • Save you money by reducing your energy footprint.
  • Connect you to your automated world.
  • Put you and the environment first.
  • Understand your individual needs by paying attention to the details.
  • Present best practice options for you.
  • Provide piece of mind and safety.
  • Deliver quality & value for you.
  • Provide specialised cutting edge products & services.
  • Offer a standard of excellence in workmanship.