Aurablue Electric Values Statement

Our reputation hinges on our values, attitudes and actions.

Having, and acting on, strong values is a key to Aurablue Electric being a successful and significant company. We believe to be a company of significance, it is not enough to concentrate solely on efficiency in operations and sound financial management. Our company must gain the respect and trust of its customers, colleagues and other people of interest to the company. This can only happen if we have an organisation that upholds clear principles.

Having common values will lead to consistent behaviour and, ultimately, success and significance in the market place.

Our actions are guided by the following values:


We are open, honest and reliable in what we do, achieving and maintaining the highest standards.


We pursue the highest levels in workmanship, service and business.


We work together to achieve our vision and mission by sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas.


We care about the impact of our operations and actions on others and the environment.


We constantly learn and implement innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies.