Meet our team

Michael Ward

Director | Owner | Founder

"I value time. Making things work more efficiently is a priority for me. This is what makes me tick. We all have 24 Hours a day, no more and no less. I like to save as much time as possible for the important things in life. In a nutshell we reduce the bottom line by improving performance, reducing operating costs and unplanned electrical maintenance, improve safety and security."

Louise Ward

Development | Manager | Owner

"I love living in the present and am passionate about improving the quality of life for the now and in the future. Our electrical systems need to be smart by making our lives better and not more complicated. It’s about sustainability, safety and providing simple solutions."

Allyson Marshall

Office Manager

"I see my role as serving our customers, our team and suppliers. It’s wonderful when the planning comes together. The most rewarding day is when we have positive outcomes to assist our customers. I love relating to people and providing customer satisfaction."

Carol Nicou


"It is a great delight and puts a smile on my face when all the documentation balances. Good systems will flow on to a more transparent service. I love efficiency and streamlined processes. We constantly adapt to improve the customer experience"

Michelle Aubin

Administration Assistant

"I see my role as a support to customers and our admin team. It pleases me when things run smoothly. We aim to create systems to flow and provide a consistent product for our customer. Being helpful, removing jargon and helping the customer feel understood is very uplifting."

The Crew on the ground