Energy Management, efficiency & Lighting

We have partnered with Schneider Electric, Clipsal and NECA to offer sustainable energy efficient technology solutions. Our team have been trained in the EcoXpert and EcoSmart programs to provide the most innovative, energy efficient and renewable technologies.

We have aligned ourselves with niche specialists in renewables, lighting, HVAC and energy monitoring.

Our commitments are to

  • Audit buildings and identify the best energy saving opportunities
  • Customise solutions to match your budget requirements
  • Install user-friendly, energy efficient products and solutions
  • Provide expert advice and outstanding customer service

Why use us? Simple … to

  • Save you money on your energy bills.
  • Lower your consumption and energy use.
  • Help the environment by providing a more sustainable future for our world.

Solutions available by us and our partners are …

  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Monitoring & Reporting
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Solar & Renewable solutions
  • Power Factor Correction

Energy Efficiency

We aim to help our customers reduce the amount of energy required to produce products and services. Our focus is on using less energy for the same or better outcomes. A dramatic effect on lowering power use can be achieved, especially when coupled with changes in our energy behaviours or consumption. We provide households, businesses and industry with economical solutions to work and play more sustainably.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Most homes and businesses could reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting by half. There are many energy saving options available. Lighting upgrades are the fastest way to cut your energy bills.

We install quality light fittings for the intended purpose. Energy efficient lighting is not simply changing old technology for new. It is important to understand the

  • Intended location,
  • Purpose of the lighting,
  • time of use and operation,
  • lumens standard required in the setting and
  • the most effective place to install and manage the lighting.

We can brighten up your home and work place and save you money.

Energy Monitoring

You cannot manage what you can’t measure. We are able to use various monitoring systems to identify energy consumption to certain driving factors such as HVAC equipment, occupancy levels, weather conditions, production levels, day light available.

  • Energy monitoring helps to
  • Identify and explain excessive use
  • Detect unexpected concerns
  • Identify trends in energy use
  • Predict future energy costs and use
  • Diagnose areas of waste
  • Observe how changes in driving factors impact efficiency.
  • Assesses energy performance targets
  • Manages energy consumption

Energy Audits

We assess your current energy use to determine energy wastage and identify ways to save you money. Audits can highlight some simple ways to reduce your power consumption immediately and over time, sometimes with limited costs and changes to behaviour.

We look at your energy bills, real operating conditions, understand how your building is used, evaluate conservation methods and estimate the energy saving potential and identify your needs and any concerns.